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The Professional Development Association of China (P-DAC) Speakers Bureau is positioning a team of international professionals for public speakers, educational training and presenting a call for paper in research. The goal is to provide ongoing 21st Century knowledge in China by setting a fresh standard worldwide for professionalism among those who are willing to use academics and leadership to impact others.  


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Ambitious educational expert speakers can share their voice, research and professional experience by teaming with P-DAC Speakers Bureau. We are searching for positive minded talent so that they can transfer knowledge and participate with our professional association of lifetime learners from across the globe.   


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The search is on to recruit true educational professionals and business leaders. So, if you have a passion to deliver influential presentations that will compel your audience, submit your photo (jpeg format), short bio and area of expertise to us. Additionally, we seek to promote talent and professional competencies. The Professional Development Association of China (P-DAC) Speakers Bureau has a motto of “FIVE E’s”: ethics, expertise, eloquence, enterprise and empowerment.  

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2018 Line-up of Professionals

"Now it’s time for 21st Century Educators to be prepared". 

Kim Eagles, PhD

She has completed extensive research on “An exploration of collaborative perspectives and barriers that exist in international education systems in China”. This experience has led her to become an expert of the phenomenon occurring in China that is attempting to bridge “East meets West” education. Dr. Eagles lectures internationally on leadership in higher educational topics. 

It is essential for educators in higher education to remain current and motivated on 21st century education from a global standpoint. The description of the project is to enhance a wide variety of specialized training, workshops, informal and formal education, or advanced professional learning for teachers and higher education to improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill and effectiveness. 

The project scope and sequence will enhance a variety of supported professional development training events and activities. Such activities will include:  · Developing a survey of needs assessment to the entire faculty of international educators located at Sias International University Campus (also known as off-site resident educators). · Develop collaboration efforts with other local Chinese universities · Develop a professional development template to individual set goals · Self-evaluation tools · Invite global keynote guest speakers · Workshops on technology and internet resources · Smart-school development in higher education · Coaching activities · Preparing for tenure · Mentorship programs · Leadership development · Creating a learner centered classroom · EFL global training.  

P-DAC Advisor


..."positively impact those we serve" - Kimberli A. Tundevold

Mrs. Tundevold is currently employed by Fort Hays State University where she resides and teachers at their partner location in China.  She received her Master’s Degree, specializing in TESOL from Azusa Pacific University, 2012, and her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Language Arts Education from Dordt College, 2001. She has extensive professional experience in ESL, EFL and writing composition.  Additionally, she has broad background in international education in China for over a decade.  Among her other abilities, Kimberli is an ESL specialist, and has been teaching English composition, American studies, English language acquisition and listening comprehension.  She has received honors and distinction such as Certificate of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), (2012) and Certificate for Outstanding Foreign Expert, Jilin Province, China (2004). Furthermore, she has been involved in community service projects such as a Teacher Care Specialist and China Teaching Fellowship Leadership Training. Professional development is important to her because she is passionate about encouraging excellence and growth in the field of TESOL and amongst education professionals. She believes that seeking to improve our methods of instruction helps us to continue to be diligent and faithful to our calling as professors and instructors, in order to positively impact those, we serve.   

P-DAC Advisor


..."I'm always changing and adapting" - Michelle Bell

Ms. Michelle Bell has a Bachelor of Science Business Management Degree from University of Phoenix. Currently, she actively engages students in the learning process through the use of diverse manipulative at an International University in China, and has lived in Germany that enhances her interests in international education. She includes vigor to enhance student academic and social growth by using varied teaching strategies and techniques; including whole group, individual, small group, and teacher modeling to provide a solid academic foundation and positive attitude toward education. Her goal in education is to foster a sense of curiosity and a deeper understanding of varied subjects using thematic versions of education. Her additional career development capabilities include involvement with the Institute of Children’s Literature -West Redding, CT., Art courses at Pasadena College of Art and Design, Pasadena, CA. Michelle has participated in Professional Organizations and Community Initiatives as President, Orpheus for Peace, President and Charter Member and JP Morgan Chase Toastmasters Club affiliation, Girl Scout of America Assistant Leader, and a volunteer for Heal the Bay in Southern California. Professional development is important to Michelle because “Professional development by definition states, that learning to earn or maintain professional credentials with academic degree’s with either formal or informal learning opportunities help us as teachers to improve our professional knowledge. Continuing professional development is important because it ensures that you will continue to be competent in your profession. It is an ongoing process and continues throughout a professional's career. As a professional, I am always changing and adapting with new environments, new responsibilities, and new locations to be well crafted, and able to bring continued professional development to students, individuals and the public.”

P-DAC Advisor


..."to be on the cutting edge" - Bruce Miller

Having worked in diverse, international and multi-cultural educational environments, beyond teaching business and management courses to students, he has had a wide range of experience which includes professionalizing, internationalizing, and managing different facets of education and business. His educational background includes a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDBM/MBA ) from the  Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India; a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Natural Sciences from Campbell University, North Carolina, USA; USAFI and USMAPS. Bruce has been the President of the Customer Advisory Committee for the US Postal Service (Rochester, NY) and Local Secretary, Mensa - Rochester Chapter. Additional accomplishments and recognitions include his teaching and creating an advanced English Language Program for Literacy Volunteers; developing and being certified as head of the only independent GMAT Test Centre in India; being the Founding Vice-Chairman / Life Member - Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD), Kochi Chapter; a Life Member & Member of the Management Education Sub-Committee - Kerala Management Association; and a Member - The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE); as well as civil, professional, and social organizations. Professional development is important to Bruce because “If you aren’t moving forward you’re moving backwards is a false statement. In reality if you are satisfied with what you know, what you are doing and where you are - the world will eventually pass you by and leave you behind, in the dust. Our job in education is to use the past and the present to train students to work and live in the future - which means not only staying current, but needing to be on the cutting edge.  

P-DAC Advisor


..."stay updated with the changes occurring in business, industry and education" - Jane Miller

Mrs. Jane Miller is a top-performing communications professional credited with developing a best-in-class communication function through innovative and enhanced communication across multiple (digital, face2face and print) platforms. Having initiated strategic employee/customer engagement initiatives across geographies, practice and functional areas for global organizations including Digital Equipment, Compaq and Cap Gemini, Jane is now seeking to share and empower Gen Next on the value and intricacy of communications in management, business and life! She has a diverse background and travel experience having worked, lived and visited countries such as US, India, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and now China. Her education and training background includes a Bachelor of Science from Jyoti Nivas College, Bangalore University, India. Additionally, she has a Post Graduate Certificate in Management (PGCM) Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kozhikode, India. She is a life member of the Indian Society for Training & Development and was on the Advisory Panel of the local newspaper website -tuscaloosanews.com in the US.  Professional development is important to Jan because it allows her to stay updated with the changes occurring in business, industry and education.  

P-DAC Advisor


..."modeling the purposeful acquisition of knowledge" - Katherine Osborne

Ms. Katherine Osborne - Career educator with 23 years of experience in the Florida public school system.  Public education experience includes:  teaching 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades at the primary level, and 6th, 7th and 8th grade reading and experience as an elementary and middle school Media Specialist. Corporate training experience supporting AT&T as well as Lucent Technology.  Experience as a public librarian in Jacksonville, Florida.  Experience as an adjunct instructor for Florida State College of Jacksonville in: Reading, ESL Reading, ESL level 2 and ESL level 6. Most recent experience encompasses 8 years of teaching in XinZheng, Henan, China.  Courses taught include:  Sophomore Oral English, Team Leadership, Civic Leadership, English Reading, Nursing English, Nursing Conversation, English Through Film, Cross Cultural Communication, and UNIV 101.  Professional development is important to Ms. Osborne because “Modeling the purposeful acquisition of knowledge on a continuous basis is my life’s goal.”  

P-DAC Advisor


..."A millennial bringing diverse experiences from national programs in leadership" - Abrey Yeboah

Mr. Aubrey Yeboah leverages a passion for business and a talent for marketing to drive achievement of company and program objectives in terms of name recognition, public and community outreach, and overall financial performance. He strives to brings diverse experience that ranges from program leadership to teaching to commercial advertising to an international business graduate program in order to blend hands-on experience with academic principles and methodologies. His core strengths include Involvement in team leadership, strategic planning, marketing and advertising, new business development, mentorship and video production. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree, Marketing & Business Administration, Winston-Salem State University, 2012. Aubrey is currently a graduate student working on his Master’s degree in international business. He has professional experience that includes program quite major for bread for life in Washington DC, commercial advertising with the Black entertainment television network Washington DC. Teaching experience gained from the college success foundation Washington DC. Moreover, teaching experience at The College Success Foundation in Washington DC, as well as, experience as a specialist in teaching Special Ed and Media Arts. Among other basic courses, Aubrey has numerous volunteer activities that include HIV/AIDS health Center volunteer, Habitat for Humanity volunteer, service involvement with higher achievement program and a breast cancer march volunteer...  

P-DAC Advisor


..."transition education program specialist" - Alan G. Swope

ProD Advisor Position: Leadership -CoChair

Mr. Swope became involved with international students during his undergraduate study. After he began his professional economic analysis career, Alan was interested in adult literacy which led to ESL training through various South Dakota literacy councils. When he relocated to the San Francisco, CA Bay Area in 1998, Alan was first a volunteer small group leader and then a volunteer conversation partner with UC-Berkeley and San Francisco State University international students, respectively. His combined volunteer ESL experience was 10 years before he started teaching oral English in China in March 2014. Alan has also taught middle school basic writing, as well as high school grammar, academic and TOEFL writing, math and science to prepare Chinese students to study in the US or Canada. He currently is a Sias International University Freshman Oral English Teacher. Alan's other professional experience includes working as an Economic and Senior Economic Analyst statistical program manager which included staff training for 10 years. In addition, he worked in Accounting, primarily non-profit but also for profit, for 15 years in various capacities which also included staff training. Alan's educational background includes accrued credits toward his MBA, Regent University; a BS in Business Administration, Associate degrees in Accounting and Data Processing, and economics and mathematics minors from Dakota State University. Professional associations include Delta Mu Delta. Alan brings a wealth of education, technical and practical real life experience to his students and encourages them to attain their dreams. He also brings English only camp techniques to his students. Volunteering is close to Alan's heart since he has held several university and community positions and desires his students to be well-rounded citizens. Since Alan has been in China, he has mentored 10 students during an Oct. 2012 Chongqing university entrepreneurial course week; seven during the Sias spring semester 2017 Skills For Success course, and 10 during the July 2017 CEOglobal.org Sunshine Camp.  

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The Urgency of Teachers Learning 21st Century

June 15, 2019 | Saturday| 10:00 am

Location - Tianjin, TEDA    

Teaching English as a Foreign Language TELF

Aug. 31, 2019 | Saturday| 10:00 am

Location - Tianjin, TEDA  

Techniques of Global Learning

Sept. 28, 2019| Saturday| 10:00 am  

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Emotional Intelligent in China

Oct 26, 2019 | Saturday| 10:00 am    

Location - Tianjin, TEDA  

Global-Ed 1st Annual Costume Ball

Oct. 26, 2019 | Saturday| 7:00 pm    Location - Tianjin, TEDA  

Setting Professional Goals

Nov. 30, 2019 | 10:00 am  

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Gala Ball 2017 Awards Ceremony

December, 2019 | 7:00 pm  

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