Get on a P-DAC Committee

Education Committee


Kimberli A. Tundevold Chairperson

The mission of Education Committee is to foster dialogue between China and the US on education-related topics and inform Global-Ed Professional-Development Association of China (P-DAC) members about personal and professional developments in Global Education. The Education Committee hosts large panel events as well as smaller round-table discussions to bring together universities, K-12 international schools, placement agencies, educators, current students, alumni and concerned parents. The Committee hopes to build a bridge between Chinese and US education initiatives and showcase different models for collaboration between education and stakeholders that include parent and teacher networking. Current encouragement priorities include the Educational Reform in China, curriculum development, and requirements for international schoolteachers, and Private Education trends.  

Leadership Committee


Katherine Osborne Chairperson

Alan Gary Swope  Co-Chair

The Leadership and Professional Committee’s objective is to nurture and support the professional development of workplace advancement using Global-Ed Professional-Development Association of China (P-DAC) China’s four pillars: information, mentorship, self-improvement, and support. The committee does this by executing a platform of events and activities throughout the year aimed at improving selected skill areas integral to success in the global arena of workplace. This leadership committee also provides a opportunity for P-DAC members to share and learn from each other. The committee is dedicated to developing and promoting strong women leaders and mentoring members to achieve their ultimate performance while working in China.   

Millennials Committee


Aubrey A. Yehoah  Chairman

Global-Ed Professional-Development Association o f China (P-DAC) the Millennials and Young Professionals Committee offers a program for young professionals to formulate their personal and professional circle of influence, develop career abilities, and work with other self-motivated leaders to achieve personal achievement! This P-DAC committee hosts informal on-going evening socials, interacting mixers, and discussions on career development, leadership, cultural protocol and other relevant topics. The Committee also supports a mentorship program whereby experienced P-DAC China members, Millennials and Young Professionals can share ideas and grow professionally.   

Events Committee


Jane Miller Chairperson

The events planning committee of P-DAC will arrange and collect information for identifying activities and events of interest for the organization. P-DAC aim is to design effect resources and services to benefit the educational and leadership community. The focus is to team and collaborate with the community, local small businesses to build educational opportunities, fun, tours, and cultural exchange. The goal of this committee is provide incredible events and gain knowledge and offer occasions for members to collaborate and communicate between each another and expand international exchange.   

Membership Committee


  Bruce Miller  Chairmen

The objective of the membership committee is to bring community awareness to the P-DAC. The committee finds opportunities to recruit new members. They have fun sharing and marketing the association regarding explaining the benefits of joining, moreover, P-DACs’ personal rewards of the membership.   

Global Ed Mission Committee


Michelle Bell Chairperson

What makes Global Ed unique is merging educational ideas developed in different cultural contexts,  We intend to be a part of a global partnership necessary for successful addressing of the new UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Our experts, experienced in teaching in Eastern and Western cultures, offer consulting services, educational workshops and educational resources. ​